February Builder Feature

Todd Neal
Pinnacle, N.C.

I started building a few years ago after the death of a family member, some kits came I had ordered at the time of his death. Four family deaths in three years including my father. I buried myself in the basement and stated building. Great therapy. Then had people to ask to have one build. Now I ship them everywhere. Building Diddley Bows, Cigar Box Guitars and License Plate resonators. Anything from 1 string to 4 string instruments.

My influences are Bob Johnson, a great builder of string instruments and Justin Johnson who shares the voicing of these type instruments and a great teacher.

This build is a 64 license plate resonator with Walnut box and fretboard. Padauk neck and inlay on box. Has MRWS pickup, tuners, bridge, nut, and fret markers. Love the mini humbuckers sound great. Thanks to Mark at MRWS for his fine customer service.

Todd Neal