Sadly, growing up means paying bills - and with it a need to earn money.  Carpentry became both and living and an opportunity to learn a range of skills.

Now, building individually crafted music instruments (specialising in cigar box guitars) combines my passions of music and woodwork.

New styles and designs of cigar box guitars will be available regularly. Each cigar box guitar is hand-crafted and limited edition (often one off).

I also offer a bespoke special order service for those who wish to have a little bit of say in the design, such as the guitar neck shape and cigar box type.

If you want to start making your own, I recommend starting with a 3 string slide cigar box guitar - there is an ever evolving range of well-priced cigar box guitar kits for sale.

The range of cigar box guitar parts, general guitar parts and guitar electronics will increase over time.  New products arrive regularly.  Register for a MRWS newsletter to receive advance notice.


I hope you enjoy making and playing either a cigar box guitar made by Raven's Box Guitars - or one (or more) made by your own skilled hands.


Instruction and product videos are now available on YouTube at  MRWS Cigar Box Guitar Emporium

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